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Websites with high authority grab quick attention of search engines. Whether or not a website has high authority, good credibility, and performs better, is determined by website analysing metrics like DA, PA, Domain Age, Google Index, and high-quality Backlinks. These metrics give a clear picture of how well the website is performing, how honest and relevant your website is, and which are the areas that need improvements. Website analysis tools, such as a DA checker, PA, checker, Domain age checker, Google Index Checker, and Backlinks checker, are the easiest ways to collect data related to all these essential metrics. Making this data even more accessible, we are providing all these separate tools in one place. You can quickly gain access to all the separate metrics in one go, with a single click, saving both your time and efforts.

Domain Authority Checker

What is Website Authority or Domain Authority ?

Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score, that determines the reputation of a website. By reputation, it explains the relevancy of a particular website wrt. a specific subject or a particular domain in the industry.

What is the use of DA?

Domain Authority, which shows how trustworthy the website is, has a direct impact on the website’s ranking. The domain score checker gives a score between 0 to 100, where, the more the scores, the more is the authority of a website. Search engines like Google use this score to determine how high should a website rank in search results, to show relevant information according to the search query.

How much Domain authority is good?

Ideal DA scores given by free DA checker are anywhere between 50 and 60.

Why is a Domain Checker required?

Domain Checker is a required tool to understand the score of the website, and thus get insights related to domain information. Just like the ahrefs domain authority checker, or the Moz domain authority checker, or even the Semrush domain authority checker, this free DA checker tool too collects only relevant data about the domain. With the score in-hand generated from this Domain Rank Checker, it’s easy for website owners, Digital marketing agencies, and businesses to make informed decisions related to the website, and plan further SEO strategy, especially with a good free DA checker.

Page Authority Checker

What is Page Authority?

Page Authority is also a score just like Domain authority, that predicts what are the chances of a page ranking on search engine results page. It is basically a popularity score for that page. It gives clear insights on how well is the page performing in search engines.

What is the use of Page Authority?

Page authority score shows how likely is the concerned page to get ranked in search results. The scores for Page Authority too are similar to domain authority between 0 to 100. Higher the scores better are the chances to rank the website and gain page’s visibility. If PAs are monitored regularly, it helps in improving the search rankings for that page.

Why is a Page Authority Checker required?

With a Page Authority Checker tool one can easily get access to the score, and thus to all the data related to the page’s performance. With a well-developed PA checker tool, one can gain insights on the quality of the content, relevant backlinks, and the further step in search engine optimization.

Backlinks Checker

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from one website to another. They basically represent the citations or source of information. Getting backlinks for your website from another website means, another website is endorsing your website to be a good and valuable resource of information. This endorsement is extremely important for a website to gain trust of the search engines. From backlinks, the search engine understands that another resource finds the content present on your website trustworthy enough to link with. With more genuinely authentic backlinks, ranking your website higher in search results becomes easier.

What is the use of Backlinks?

Backlink is a significant factor to determine the website authority of a website. In Search Engine Optimization, the higher number of backlinks are found on a website, more are the chances for search engines to rank the website higher for users to quickly get authentic information. Besides, backlinks directly generate traffic to a website, as the moment a user clicks on the backlink on the other website, they are directed to your website, thus increasing the visitors on the website, ultimately improving the engagement count.

Why is a Backlinks Checker required?

SEO Backlink checker tool, like the moz backlink checker, SEMrush backlink checker, and the ahrefs backlink checker tool, is extremely important for a website to monitor the backlink count of that website. This free backlink checker scans the internet to find out all the links that lead to your website. This backlink finder collects all this data in this free backlink tool and compiles together to sum it up into a score. The final score, just like domain authority checker tool, ranges between 0-100, which is calculated by multiple factors, such as the total backlinks, unique backlinks, and the respective authorities of each of these websites. The higher the score this backlink analysis tool gives, the better is your website performing.

Domain Age Checker

What is Domain Age?

Domain age literally means the age of that domain or website. It tells search engine since when is the domain name or that website active and existing on the internet. Older domains are often seen as more established and trustworthy, and thus carry good domain authority, or website authority. This sense of being there for a longer time positively influences the website’s search engine rankings.

What is the use of understanding Domain age?

Understanding the domain age, makes it easy to compare your website with that of your competitor. Being older, allows a domain to establish a sense of credibility in that particular niche. This helps a newer website to determine their status on the internet and thus its easy to determine how much time and effort need to invested to gain that level of credibility.

Why is a Domain Age Checker required?

A domain age checker tool generates the birth certificate of your website, and tells exactly how many years, months, and days has the website been on internet. Older the website, better is its trustworthiness, and better is the quality of that website. This website age checker score is given by this domain name authority checker.

Google Index Checker

What is a Google Index?

Google index is basically a directory of data base that Google creates for listing websites. Google scans through your website, analyses what your website is talking about, what type of content and information is available on your website, and then indexes your website pages in its database.

What is the Use of Google Index?

Internet is like a huge ocean with a lot of information stored in it. Search engines like Google therefore need to maintain their separate database to show the most relevant data to their users. Google index detects, collects, and stores all of the webpages available on your site. Whenever any user searches for a query related to your website, Google scans through pages that are indexed with its database and shows the most relevant results to the user. Google index is important to make the websites and their content discoverable to the users. If there wasn’t any index, getting results within seconds wouldn’t have been possible, both for users and for search engines.

Why is a Google Index Checker Required?

Google Index Checker is required to find out whether your website is indexed or not. This is extremely important to improve your website’s visibility.

About Our Tool

How does our tool help?

We have designed an All-In-One tool, just like a wholesome audit tool, to understand all the above metrics, domain authority and others, in one place with a single click. Instead of searching for different metrics in different tools, and generating different reports, this DA PA Checker, free domain age checker, Google Index Checker, and one of the best backlink checker tools, allows you to get all the information in a single report.

How Does our Free Tool Work?

Benefits of Using This Tool


1. What does this tool do?+
This tool provides valuable insights about various SEO metrics, including Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), domain age, backlinks, and Google indexing status, all in one place.
2. How does the tool calculate Domain Authority and Page Authority?+
The tool utilizes algorithms similar to those developed by Moz to calculate Domain Authority and Page Authority based on factors such as link profile, domain age, and content quality.
3. Can I check multiple websites or pages at once?+
No. At a time you will be able to check just one website, which URL you will place in the provided box. After you get report for one website, you can move further with the next one.
4. Why should I use this tool?+
Instead of using different tools for different metrics, this tool provides all the information in one go. This is both, time-saving and effort-reducing tool, which is why you should give it a try.
5.Is the information provided by the tool accurate?+
Yes. The tool aims to provide accurate and reliable data. However, it should be noted that, being a complex process, you might find minute discrepancies between the results provided by this tool and other tools.
6. How often should I check my website's SEO metrics?+
It's a good practice to regularly monitor your website's SEO metrics to track performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions about your SEO strategy. You can choose to check them monthly, quarterly, or as needed.
7. Can I use this tool to analyze my competitors' websites?+
Yes, you can use the tool to analyze the SEO metrics of competitors' websites, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and planning your own SEO strategy accordingly.
8. Are there any limitations to what the tool can analyze?+
Are there any limitations to what the tool can analyze?
  • DA
  • PA
  • Backlinks
  • Google Indexing
  • Domain Age
9. Does the tool provide recommendations for improving SEO?+
The tool provides key insights into areas for improvement based on the analyzed metrics. However, to understand the SEO performance of your website, it's essential to conduct further research and analysis to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy for your specific goals and audience.
10. Is there a cost associated with using the tool?+
No. the tool is completely free to use.